3rd place in the Archicontest competition
This work was a collaboration with Igor Ferreira, Raphael Matta and Roger Peicho

Art doesn’t just have a single purpose.

Some works try to evoke emotions; others just focus on the process itself. Perhaps the common ground of the arts is the multiplicity of forms that can be created.

Therefore, Axis is the place where these different directions cross. A space where the encounter of different people is possible and the clash of ideas is enhanced. The flexibility and the blurred boundaries between areas make all sorts of activities and arts possible.

Located in front of the Clérigos Tower, the design makes a dialog with the nearby Lisboa Square and its angled terraces as with the Cordoaria Gardens. The idea was to build an urban precinct as the ramps can be used as viewing platforms for the surrounding.

The design settles underground to maintain the existing urban vitality of the place. This approach keeps the visuals to the School of Photography free and allows multiple uses of the public floor and its continuity. In order to create an active level, the top slabs were angled to slopes, which also boost the fenestrations areas to brighten the inner space up.

The ramps allude the city’s hills and make the Largo Amor da Perdição Square‘s ground more dynamic. Specifically on the conference hall’s roof the texture changes to a soft lawn, which along with the steep slope provides a calmer zone in contrast to the active square. In addition to that, the inclined plans work as an extension of the public floor, smoothly connecting it to the heart of the school.

The goal is to make a space where a diverse range of people can gather and mingle.

The visual permeability throughout the building enables the user to explore it integrally. The clear connection between spaces and its adaptability make different uses possible. For instance, the restaurant can open to the main access ramp providing seating areas. Also, the main staircase can be used as an amphitheatre for concerts.

Although the building has two different levels underground, there are double height ceilings in some areas. This fact encourages the users to engage the activities that take place there. Furthermore, it allows the visitors to follow the art production and feel a part of the creation process.