Should we stay or should we go?

design for a Brexit monument competition from the Paris school of architecture

The inspiration for the form came from many different places. The main influence for the poles was the tall tree trunks of European forests.

This same material was also used by different European civilizations to build ancient ritual structures.

The poles allude to the grill of a fence, which relates to the contemporary hostility of international relations.

The two main colours of the monument are red and blue, inspired by the ambiguity surrounding the Brexit process.

These colours not only enhance the dichotomy, but also relate to the British and French flags and foreseen passports.

They are primary colours that can relate to the most basic instincts, like anger or sadness.

The light on the top of the monument acts as a metaphor for a lighthouse, an element that guides but also intrigues.

The idea of the monument is not to give answers, but to question this process. The text alternates from ‘Brexit’ to ‘Exit?’ depending on which way you look at it. This reiterates the point that things look different from different perspectives and people can see the same thing differently.

The aim is to make people aware and connect them through the only thing is certain: doubt.