The Sun

Here Comes the Sun

The Sun and its warmth sustain life on this planet. So the pavilion embraces the visitors’ in a cosy and interactive space, which stands between the boundaries of art and architecture. The platonic circle alludes to the star’s shape and also symbolises the ancestral habit of sitting around a fireplace. Therefore, the piece aims to give shelter to people and, at the same time, enhance the sociability between everyone.

The user can set numerous arrangements bringing dynamic to the volume with the colourful and mirrored panels. They are not only the vertical structure of the object, but also a metaphor of the sunlight. The Idea is to enable the person to resonate on the space both physically and symbolically. All people can be reflected by the planes as well as change the layout according to their own will.

design for the Warming Huts competition in Winnipeg, Canada. This project was in collaboration with Igor Ferreira, Raphael Matta and Roger Peicho.