+ Vicente de Carvalho

,designed in collaboration with Camila Rocha and Paola Pagotto

Located in Vicente de Carvalho,  this project comes as a response to the metropolitan housing shortage. It’s important to stress the fact there’s an underground station adjacent, which covers a large and diverse spectrum. The main concept was to design a variety of buildings and spaces, which gives room to multiple activities and users .

In order to that, no specific purpose was the starting point of those buildings’ design. The different scales and ambiances allow the user to explore the possibilities of the built environment.

Regarding the public spaces, the main focus was to create a vast plurality of spaces. To do so, the design of many types of textures, plants, parks and squares in between the buildings enhances the urban vitality. Finally, the metropolitan scale activities would take place on the main square facing the bus lane, underground station and other buildings.